"Do you know why natural healing with foods works while conventional medicines don't?

Dear Health-Conscious Readers,

Obviously the reasons why natural healing with foods prevails many times over compares to conventional medicines when it comes to any major or minor health problems are because:

1) It goes to the root of the problems and rectify them. And unlike conventional medicines, it merely masking the symptoms or provide a temporary solution or relief only.

2) The foods provide or refill the essential vitamins and minerals that are lost due to inflammation caused by chemicals from the air that we breathe or bad foods that we eat. And the most important thing is they don't give any bad side-effects to our body. It will only makes us stronger, healthier and heal faster.

About Me

Hi, my name is Ng Chee Keong. I'm from Malaysia. Take me for example, I was suffering from thyroid disorder for almost 10 years before I discovered that natural healing with foods are effective, safe and healthy.

You see, the problem with most common medicines, not just thyroid disease, is that they are chemical made that our body can't process, expensive, lack of nutrient, harmful, useless and most importantly, they don't rectify the root or the cause of the problem, as I have mentioned earlier.

They merely mask or reduce the symptoms temporarily. The disease will show signs of remission if you took them everyday. But once you stop, the disease will relapse and you have to start taking them again. And there is no definite answer how long are you going to take those pills to heal.

My Story

Take me for example. I feel weak, tired, nauseous, sleepy, lack of energy when I took those medicine. The doctor that treated me doesn't even know how to cure this disease.

For me, all they can do is try to alleviate your pain or reduce the symptoms by increasing the dosage. They only know what are the signs, not the source of the problem. They keep on prescribe me the same medicine for those ten long years. Can you imagine what those chemicals can cause damage to my liver, kidney and immune system.

At the final stage when they don't see any improvement with pills, they suggested that I take synthetic iodine to cure the problem, which I agree to because I don't know what is that in the beginning. Furthermore, I trust the doctor and have zero knowledge about the disease. Plus, I didn't care about my own health at that time also.

Every times I think about it, it gives me the creep because I have to be isolated in a sealed room with a nuclear logo sign in front of the door. The nurse have to wear a mask and put on a glove to protect herself because it is radioactive, as the doctor claimed.

I have to take two to three days off because the doctor said it is contagious and can spread to anybody who comes near me. I even have to abstain myself from my favorite foods for one week, like fish or sea foods because it can counteract the effect. Ironically, fish and sea foods are the cure of my problem in the first place.

I Make My Decisions

By the year 1998 and afterwards, when computer became widely use and Internet was available, you can get virtually any information online. It was not until 2006 or 2007 if I'm not mistaken, I start subscribing to an online health newsletter when I found many interesting article about eating foods to cure not just thyroid, but most of diseases out there; as well as many other fascinating facts and topics that was unheard before.

By the second time that I take the medicine, which is in liquid form, I decided to go ahead and try the foods on myself without the doctor approval for several reasons:

First, I don't know what the medicine can do to my body in the long run because I have no idea what they put in there,

Secondly, I came to realize that only foods are the one and only solution to most of the diseases that we have today because we know what we put inside our body, it is safe and not toxic.

To put things in perspective, would you rather put something in your body that smells weird and taste awful or foods that not only healthy, nutritious but can be fully absorb by your body? Foods are what we suppose to eat, not only to satisfy our hunger, but to provide us the important nutrient to heal as well,

Third, there is also a shocking revelation that blunders and mistakes can be make by medical staffs because of carelessness, inexperience, incompetent, lack of knowledge, poor working ethnics, irresponsible attitudes and stress. You will never know.

I guess I was right to be worried because I don't know whether the doctor gave me the correct dosage because he can't pay close attention to every patient because there are so many of them and my gut feeling tells me that the doctor doesn't care about my well-being either.

Last but not least, I also realize that I am the only one who is responsible for my own health, not the government, the doctors because nobody cares but you. It's your body, you are in charge and you must take care of it.

Imagine if you were to suffer from a illness, unless you have substantial money set aside, financially stable or medical insurance to cover your expenses, you won't be able to bear the expensive medical cost down the road.

Thankfully, I was able to recover sooner, although I have to endure the medicine for four times, but luckily not anymore than that. But I believe the foods that I ate play a major role in my speedy recovery because it rectify the problem at the root of the disorder.

You Have a Choice

Although I'm not a doctor or physician, but in my opinion, if you are sick or ill, I'm a strong advocate of:

1) Using natural foods as your first option:

- For example like fresh fruits and vegetables, grass-fed meats, free-range chickens, wild-caught fish, nuts, berries and herbs because they are safe, natural, nutritious, harmless, suitable and healthy for our body, and most importantly, it WORKS and I'm a living proof of it.

Each of these foods plays a crucial role in providing important nutrients to our body and replenish all the vitamins and minerals that we lost due to toxics, pollutions and chemical foods. They are our best defense against diseases and viruses, not medicine and pills.

But you must make sure that the foods are natural, free of pesticides or chemical substances or fertilizers, organic, grow on healthy soils and not genetically modified foods or GMO.

2) The second option is to take food-based supplements:

- If natural foods are not available to you, hard to find or you don't have the time to prepare a healthy meal, this is the choice you choose.

Personally, I prefer supplements because you need to consume a lot of foods to get the sufficient amount or quantity of nutrients and it's convenient. Unless you have time to prepare your own foods and you have sources that you can trust, supplements are your best alternative;

When you browse through the individual topics on the left navigation bar, you will come across some supplements recommendation that I think you should check it out because they are either food-based or herbs from natural resources, not chemicals, drugs or pills.

If you prefer supplements, make sure it is food-based, not synthetic because synthetic is artificial, not genuine and devoid of all it's natural ingredients.

3) The last option is to consult your doctor:

- Learn to have initiatives, ask your doctor what kind of medicine he's prescribing, what are the side effects or is there any other alternatives. If you can find a holistic doctor, the better.

If you are interested about natural healing with foods and not medicines, why don't you check out these information that I have saved. It's all about the benefits of natural remedies with foods, herbs, supplements from Dr. Al Sears, a source that I trust and recommend to treat or prevent any minor or major health issues that we face today. What I like about his newsletters is because he's using holistic approach, unlike any other phycisians who straight away prescribe pills or medicines that is harmful or detrimental to your health. Inside you will find some very interesting facts about foods treatment and the wonders that they can do to our body.

Medicines Are Not the Solution

You really should consider taking foods as your first and primary choice before resort to medicine, or use radiotherapy, surgery or chemotherapy to treat your disease because it's expensive, does not guarantee results and dangerous.

For example, do you know that turmeric powder, a kitchen spice used in Indian foods can kill cancer cells and prevent tumor better than chemotherapy or surgery. And do you know how much it costs here in my country, Malaysia? Only 60 cents per pack. And do you know how much surgery or chemo costs here? I think it should be around $10,000 or more depends on the type of cancer.

The irony is that most people tend to believe in modern technology and expensive equipment which doesn't guarantee results, expensive and in most cases, if not all can cause harmful side effects, like destroy your good cells and your immune system and make you more vulnerable to more diseases in future.

Many people don't realize that most of the chronic diseases and illnesses we encounter today are due to daily onslaught of free radicals from the toxins and chemicals exposures that cause inflammation inside our body.

So we must replace with the nutrients from the foods that we eat or vitamins that we take from supplements, to recover or rejuvenate our organs or cells inside our body so they can function properly again, not medicines because it's not real and natural. It's just like you can't send a mechanic to do a plumbing work because it would not solve the problem.

I believe most of us lack the knowledge about what make us sick or ill in the first place and the importance of using foods or vitamins from natural resources to heal or treat ourselves from diseases, at least this should be the first and priority option. We should plant this concept in our mind because this is the correct way to rectify the problem.

Moreover the mainstream pharmaceutical industries keep bombarding us the benefits of using medicines or pills to treat our illness so they can sit there in their office collecting their fat paycheck while we are suffering.

Natural Healing is Safer, Cheaper and EFFECTIVE!

Plant this seed in your mindset that from now on, you are in control and responsible for your own health because if you take care of your body well, your body will flourish, prosper and work hard for you.

And as a result, you will become robust, vibrant, energetic, clear-minded, stay focus to carry on your duties, take care of your family and enjoy your life for many years to come.

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