You can prevent high blood pressure or hypertension by boosting your nitric oxide with l-arginine and dark chocolate

Your arteries need gas.

But it’s probably not the type of gas you’re thinking of.

This gas is naturally created by your body. And helps support normal blood pressure without having to resort to statin drugs with harsh side effects.

The gas is called Nitric Oxide or NO.

When you have normal blood pressure, your heart can easily push blood through your arteries to provide it to the rest of your body because your arteries are strong and flexible.

Inside the walls of your arteries are endothelial cells. These cells produce the gas NO. And NO sends signals to your artery walls to relax. This makes them more flexible and eases blood pressure.

But if your endothelial cells aren’t creating enough NO, it may cause your arteries to become more rigid… and your blood pressure to rise.

Chances are if you have high blood pressure, your doctor will write you a prescription for it.

Millions of people take prescription medication, like nitroglycerin, to relieve heart-related conditions. Including high-blood pressure.

The problem is that these medications often do more harm than good. Ironically, these drugs sold to treat symptoms of heart disease can even lead to a heart attack, stroke, and death.

Here are just some of the side effects of nitroglycerin:




Nausea and vomiting

Allergic reactions

Rapid or slow heartbeat


Chest pain

Why do You Need Nitric Oxide

Because you need it to open the floodgates so you can have best physical performance and have more potency.

Potency is more than just getting it up when you’re in the mood.

Potency is a combination of strength, desire, muscle mass and readiness for sex.

Potency is power on demand.. It’s a feeling of extraordinary potential, like having your foot on the accelerator of a turbo-charged sports car.

Potency is all about blood flow. That means getting oxygen-rich blood to every part of your body at a moment’s notice. It’s easy for young people, because their veins and arteries easily expand to handle the extra flow.

As you get older, your veins and arteries tend to get narrower and stiffer. But you can keep your blood flowing at any age.

Use the Power of Performance Enhancer Without Taking Drugs

The secret to big blood flow is nitric oxide (NO2). It’s the chemical from the lining of your blood vessels that makes them expand.

You just have to know how to “flip the switch” so those floodgates open up.

Most people think of blood vessels as rigid tubes. Kind of like the pipes in your house. But blood vessels are elastic-like balloons. With the right signal, they can expand and contract rapidly. When they’re open full throttle they can move tremendous amounts of blood. But when they’re too narrow you’re in big trouble.

Nature’s secret to big blood flow is nitric oxide, (N.O.). It’s the switch from the lining of your blood vessels that makes them open up.

As you get older, your supply of N.O. drops off. Your body just doesn’t make as much as it used to. That makes it much harder for your arteries to expand. And if your blood vessels can’t expand, blood can’t get into your penis. That means no erection… no sex… end of story.

This is similar to how performance enhancers work. Performance enhancers bind to the enzymes that destroy NO2. By knocking out the stuff that gets rid of NO2, your body has the chance to accumulate more of it. As soon as that happens – usually 30 to 40 minutes after taking the pill – you’re in business.

As far as drugs go, performance enhancers aren't bad. But their effects diminish over time. Studies show that over 50% of men stop using performance enhancers after three years because they stopped working.

There is good news though… By giving your body a particular nutrient, you can get your body to create more NO2. As much as you can handle. This breakthrough is not a substitute for performance enhancers, but works in a similar way. And it’s not a drug.

But if you turn on N.O., blood can get to the place where it counts. Getting more NO2 does a lot more than give you big, hard erections… All that extra blood flow brings back the thing that really matters: Potency.

Potency grows your muscles, makes your heart a tireless warrior and brings the desire back to your bedroom life.

That means plenty of action. And a lot more fun.

Does Your Whole Body Have ED?

Potency is about blood flow. When you don’t have it, major systems in your body start to shut down. The “big three” are:

Muscle strength

Sexual performance

Heart health

Breakdown in these critical areas gives you a kind of whole body ED. That’s what happens when you’re missing the nutrient that makes your muscles bulge. It’s the same one that gives you big, bulging erections.

All your blood vessels need NO2 to help them expand. Every vein, artery and capillary – a network that spans thousands of miles – is dependent on NO2 for survival. Without NO2, life would not be possible.

What Happen if You Lack NO2?

a) Your heart is a good example. Without NO2 your heart has to work overtime to move blood through your body. Over time, even the major arteries that lead into and out of the four chambers of your heart will start to harden. Of course, this dramatically increases your chance of heart attack.

b) And that’s just for starters… When your blood vessels are stiff, your major organs don’t get the oxygen they need. And that wipes out your energy supply. Your muscles suffer too. Without blood and oxygen your muscles shrink and start to atrophy

c) Your sex life is next on the list. When your blood supply is weak and slow there’s no way to get a good, solid erection. You’ve probably seen articles in the news showing the connection between ED and heart disease. That’s why.

The "Little Blue Pill" that Started off as a Heart Drug...

Most doctors have made a mistake.

They don’t realize your body has a built-in defense mechanism that will sabotage every effort you make to keep those floodgates open.

If you give your body outside help, you’ll get decent short-term results. But the effects will start to wear off. And after a few months you’re right back where you started.

Think of it as the “coffee effect.” The first time you had coffee, it was probably very stimulating.

But as time goes on, you need more and more to get the same effect. Your body stops reacting to it. This is called down regulation. When you give yourself an outside stimulant, your body will “turn down” your sensitivity as a way of protecting itself.

It’s the same thing when you take a pill that opens the floodgates and gives you great blood flow. Short-term results are usually good. But you lose the effect over time.

The first performance enhancer was originally tested as a heart drug. Researchers were looking for a way to improve blood flow by tinkering with NO2. And they were successful, but not in the way they intended.

Instead of helping heart patients, test subjects got a “big surprise.” Unfortunately, there is also research that some performance enhancers increase clotting activity. Elevated clotting agents increase heart attack risk. If you’re at risk, performance enhancers aren't the safest choice.

Nitrates aren’t any better. Doctors prescribe nitrate drugs for people with chest pain. They open vessels to allow blood to reach the heart easier. But they also damage the lining of your blood vessels.

Ironically, the drugs designed to improve blood flow may also damage it. And this zaps your strength and potency even more.

It’s not just a bedroom issue… A lack of potency gives you the feeling that your whole body has gone limp. You lose your sense of power, your ability to do everyday activities – even getting out of bed can become a chore.

As a man, this is a crushing experience. Losing everything that makes you feel like a man leaves you little to look forward to. But getting older doesn’t have to be this dark or unsettling.

You can trigger the production of NO2… You can get bigger blood flow, regardless of your current age or level of conditioning.

Use Nature's Performance Enhancers for Bigger, Better Blood Flow-Everyday!

1) L-Arginine:

The first step to more NO2 (and huge blood flow) is a simple amino acid called L-arginine. This building block is a precursor to nitric oxide. That means your body uses it to create NO2.

Body builders have been using l-arginine for years. Taken before a workout, it gives them a “muscle pump” by dilating blood vessels and getting more blood and oxygen to their muscles.

L-arginine is an easy way to build new muscle, boost strength and speed recovery after you workout. But you don’t have to go to the gym to get the benefits. This stuff works even when you’re sitting on the couch watching TV.

Getting your body to make more NO2 ramps up your potency level. It’s like a wave of “can do” energy that wakes you up across the board.

You don’t just feel it in your muscles… you feel it between your legs too. When you get turned on, the rush of blood to your penis gives you fast, spontaneous erections. You’ll be ready to go at a moment’s notice.

Your circulation will improve too… You’ll notice a big difference – especially if you have trouble breathing. Many people taking L-arginine say they can take bigger, deeper breaths.

It feels like a power boost that affects their whole body. All at once they feel stronger, more alert and more alive.

There’s a strong mental component to this experience too. All that extra blood and oxygen to your brain gives you the feeling of clarity and mental calm.

NO2 is one of the most reliable, fast-acting tools for giving your manhood a boost fast. It’s hard to underestimate the benefits (and pleasure) of getting more NO2 to your cells.

For any man – including you – NO2 is the most critical, most valuable substance on earth. It’s so essential, the guys who discovered the functions of nitric oxide were jointly awarded the 1998 Nobel Prize in Medicine.

They revealed NO2’s ability to send signals to your cells. Think of NO2 as a kind of “sex messenger,” telling your blood vessels to expand. They also provided indisputable evidence that l-arginine is your body’s chief source for creating nitric oxide.

The Best Way to Supplement With Arginine

L-arginine is an amino acid that helps your body produce NO. Foods – such as organic dairy, peanuts, walnuts, are all good sources.

L-arginine is the most reliable, fast-acting tool for improving blood flow.

The doctors who discovered how nitric oxide works were jointly awarded the 1998 Nobel Prize in Medicine. These award-winning scientists found l-arginine is your body’s chief source for creating nitric oxide. Remember, N.O. opens the floodgates.

Current studies suggest the use of l-arginine to ensure the level of nitric oxide is high enough to keep blood flowing to the penis. One study showed a whopping 80% percent improvement in function for men who took just 2.8 grams of l-arginine for two weeks.

Another study showed that more than 1/3 of the men who took 5 grams of l-arginine reported a significant improvement in erectile function.

As a standard supplement to maintain healthy muscles, to help prevent heart disease, and to stave off ED, you can take arginine in a capsule form. Take a 500 mg cap each day for prevention.

For therapeutic use, that is, to fix a current problem, you'll get the most from your arginine supplement if you take it in powder form. To build lost muscle, to improve sexual performance, to help reduce recurring chest pains, take up to 5 grams each day. For doses this high taken over any length of time, you really have to use a powder.

Because arginine is an amino acid, proteins compete with its absorption. For this reason, you shouldn't take it with meals. Instead, take it between meals on a relatively empty stomach. Simply take a teaspoon of powder mix it with water and swig it down the hatch.

By adding arginine to your supplement regimen a weakening heart, problems in the bedroom, and smaller muscles don't have to be an accepted part of aging. You can beat these problems and stay healthy, vigorous and strong.

2) Chocolate:

Chocolate has a full range of beneficial phytonutrients – plant compounds that have health-protecting qualities. These include flavenoids, phenols, and essential minerals which have been widely written about.

Chocolate is also high in antioxidants. Antioxidants are part of the natural system to protect your cells from the “slow burn” of living called oxidation. Chocolate is particularly high in a category of antioxidants called flavenoids. Flavenoids are the natural antioxidants in fruits, vegetables, tea and wine.

Several recent studies indicate that the flavenoids in chocolate provide better antioxidant benefits than red wine and tea. A typical 1.5 oz. milk chocolate bar contains 205-300 mg of flavenols, while a 5-oz. glass of red wine contains 210 mg.

Chocolate rates even better in a comparison of the flavenoids catechins and epichatechins: A recent Dutch study found that chocolate contains four times more of these flavenoids than black tea. A 1.3 oz. chunk of chocolate has more of these two flavenoids than a five-ounce glass of red wine.

Chocolate’s antioxidants also have positive effects on cholesterol levels. Subjects who ate moderate amounts of cocoa powder or dark chocolate (22 and 16 grams, respectively) on a daily basis had improved cholesterol ratios of HDL to LDL. They also reduced LDL oxidation.

In addition to improving cholesterol profiles, it now appears that chocolate helps you keep your arteries flexible. Chocolate increases the release of nitric oxide, which relaxes the smooth muscles in blood vessels. This allows increased blood flow and has positive effects on blood pressure.

But despite what you may have heard, it’s not simply antioxidants in chocolate that protect your heart and lower your blood pressure. The secret to chocolate’s effect on blood pressure is a flavonol found in cocoa called epicatechin.

A study in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition found that it’s epicatechin that relaxes your blood vessels, which contributes to lower blood pressure.

And you don’t need much to get the effect. A new study finds that even low doses of epicatechin are heart-protective.

It’s so powerful that Norman Hollenberg, professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School, said epicatechin should be classified as a vitamin.

You may have heard of him. He spent years observing the Kuna people in Panama. They have a less than 10% chance of problems like high blood pressure, as well as stroke, diabetes, cancer and heart failure. What makes the Kuna different? They drink lots of cocoa. Up to 40 cups a week.

Choose the right cocoa

Can you imagine a better way to reduce your blood pressure? But you can’t just eat ordinary candy bars. You have to make sure you eat the right type of chocolate.

Chocolate comes from the cocoa bean. The cocoa been is the seed of the cacao plant. Farmers grind them into a paste and heat it to liquefy it into chocolate liquor. The chocolate you buy is comprised of the chocolate liquor, cocoa butter and sugar. Chocolate producers add sugar to counterbalance the natural bitterness of the cocoa.

Like most seeds, the cocoa beans are rich in fat. The high fat content is the reason chocolate has a bad rap. The truth is the fat portion gives chocolate its health benefits.

Higher fat chocolates have higher proportions of cocoa. Higher cocoa chocolate has more heart-healthy flavenoids. Cocoa powder and dark chocolate have the highest flavenol concentrations. Choose dark chocolates with the highest total cocoa concentrations. Dove Dark has Cocoapro cocoa, a specially processed cocoa with particularly high levels of flavenols.

It is important to distinguish chocolate from sugary candies. Flavonols like epicatechin are usually removed for consumer chocolate because they taste bitter. That’s why dark chocolate is best. It has the highest percentage of cocoa, and will have the most epicatechin.You don’t have to worry about the fat in chocolate – that’s the good part. You should however minimize the added sugar.

Chocolates with high sugar content can adversely elevate insulin and blood sugar levels. With approximately 160 calories per ounce, if you overindulgence you may negate the heart-healthy benefits of chocolate with weight gain. As with red wine, moderation is the key. 2 or 3 ounces a couple of times a week is probably a good range.

Chocolate is a powerful antioxidant that is surprisingly good for you. So go ahead and share a nice rich dark chocolate treat with someone you love.

The other reason an average milk chocolate candy bar won’t do the job was discovered by Italian researchers. They found that milk interferes with the heart benefits of chocolate.

Not only that, but ordinary chocolate bars have lots of sugar, or even high fructose corn syrup. And chocolate bars you can buy in the store have the wrong kinds of oils. If you look at the labels, you’ll see things like soy protein, which you want to stay away from.

3) Beetroot:

Just a small amount of beetroot or beetroot juice can help reduce your blood pressure.

Here’s how it works.

When you eat it, the beetroot is mixed with your saliva and bacteria on your tongue. This combo turns into nitric oxide (NO2). It’s the chemical from the lining of your blood vessels that makes them expand.

When NO2 gets to your stomach, another reaction occurs, and the nitrate is recirculated throughout your body.

This recirculation is what causes your blood pressure to drop. You see the biggest drop 3-4 hours after eating beetroot. But the effects last for up to 24 hours.

When these naturally produced nitrates are circulated through your body, your blood vessels relax. This lets your blood flow easier and reduces strain on your heart.

The result? Lower blood pressure.

You can get the most out of beetroots by either chewing them raw or throwing them in your juicer.

Here’s a fresh juice recipe you can try:

Fresh Beetroot and Vegetable Juice:

2 raw organic carrots

3 organic celery sticks

1/2 an organic cucumber

1 organic beetroot

Roughly chop all the vegetables, put them in your juicer, and blend.

4) Eat natural foods rich in vitamins C and E:

citrus fruits,



sunflower seeds,


tomatoes, and

green, leafy veggies.

More useful tips on how to avoid hypertension

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