Chelation, sweating and fasting are highly recommended to cleanse your liver because they are efficient and they speed up detoxification process.

Flush Toxic Metals Out of Your Body with the ‘Claw’

A key concept to remember when it comes to detox is chelation. The word chelate comes from the Greek word chele, which means claw.

The claw describes the process by which a molecule from a nutrient (or chemical) surrounds and binds (or grabs like a claw) to metal toxins such as mercury, lead, and arsenic, and carries them out of your body through your kidneys and out in your urine.

Chances are you have some level of exposure to heavy metals. Believe it or not, arsenic and lead are among the most common forms of heavy metal toxicity. These poisons are used in the manufacturing processes of things like pesticides, glass, wood preservatives, fertilizers, paint, batteries, plumbing, and ink. Not to mention hobby paints, hair coloring, and cosmetics.

In some cases, doctors will use a synthetic solution or chemical called ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA) through injection. But this can sometimes cause side effects including headache, rash, and high blood pressure. And in some cases, it can remove vital minerals from your body along with the toxins.

There are some safer, more natural methods of chelation that are recommended by Dr.Al Sears for removing toxic metals from your body.

How to chelate

• Chlorella:

You can take chlorella, a form of dried algae. You can find it in most health food stores. Take one 500 mg capsule per day initially. Some people are sensitive to chlorella. If you start experiencing nausea or burping, it means your body can’t tolerate it and you should go for another option.

If you don’t have a sensitivity, work up slowly over one to two weeks to a dose of one teaspoon (ten tablets or capsules) per day until your levels come down.

Fresh cilantro has also been shown to remove mercury from the body. About a teaspoon a day should work.

• Garlic is also a good option. Three cloves of fresh garlic per day should help.

Try a Detox Method That Was Natural to Our Ancestors

a) Fasting:

- It is as old as humankind. Despite what you might often hear in the media, fasting is quite safe. Our bodies are resilient. So not eating for a day or two won’t hurt it.

In fact, this was common for our hunter-gatherer ancestors who didn’t always have food at their disposal. Only modern times have made food constantly available.

How's fasting works:

Fasting turns on your “auto cleaning” mode – it speeds your body’s detoxification process. When food no longer enters your body, your body turns to its fat reserves for fuel or energy. And when these fat reserves are used while fasting, they release the toxins from the fatty acids into your system and then flush them out of your body through your liver, colon, kidneys, lungs, and skin.

• There are a number of different types of fasting methods for detoxification. The truest form is water fasting. You simply eat or drink nothing but water for 1 to 3 days. Make sure you get plenty of water during a fast.

Juice fasting is another option. You are not recommended to use packaged juices. To enjoy the benefits of a juice fast, you should really make your own juice. For a detoxifying fast, drink only citrus juice. Drink as much as you want along with as much water as you want.

Work Up a Good Sweat and Get Rid Of Impurities

b) Sweating:

- It is the most efficient way to detox. And a trip to the sauna or steam bath, or even a good workout can get you sweating.

Your skin is your largest organ, and 30% of your body’s waste passes through it. A sauna, for example, increases the detoxifying capacity of the skin by opening pores and flushing impurities from the body.

c) Exercise:

- It is efficient because it not only gets you sweating to rid your body of waste, but it also builds muscle and burns fat at the same time.

The Ultimate Detox in Four Easy Steps

There are many ways you can put together an effective detox program using the methods explained above. But here’s one that Dr.Al Sears have used himself and have recommended to his patients. You can do it over a weekend.

• Day 1:

- Get up an hour early and perform brief but intense bouts of exercise to give your heart, lungs a workout and to start sweating. Follow this with a hot shower, as hot as you can tolerate for at least 10 minutes, followed by a cool rinse. Eat your normal diet. Repeat the exercise and heat therapy before going to bed.

• Day 2:

- Eat nothing. Drink only plenty of water. Do a light cardio workout followed by a warm shower.

• Day 3:

- Eat only tomatoes, fresh made vegetable juices and wild salmon. Treat yourself to a steam room or sauna. Begin herbal detox for your blood, liver and colon as described above.

• Day 4:

- Return to your normal diet and exercise. Continue the herbal detox for your blood, liver, and colon for six more days.

Try doing a detox every three or four months and you will be pleasantly surprised at how amazing you will feel.

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