Melatonin is what you really need to help you sleep better.

Your body is already equipped with a natural sleep inducer. It’s called melatonin.

The secret to getting a good night’s sleep is having the right amount of this hormone in your bloodstream.

But as you get older, the amount of melatonin in your body slowly disappears. By the time you turn 65, your supply of melatonin is almost completely depleted. And as the level of melatonin drops, the quality of your sleep gets worse.

This is why older adults have more trouble getting to sleep than younger people. They sleep fewer hours, wake up more often during the night, and get up earlier.

The medical establishment often criticizes supplementing with melatonin. Because, let’s face it, sleeping pills are big business. Sleeplessness is one of those areas where your doctor is likely to give you no other option than a prescription.

However, Dr.Sears prefers natural approaches to help you get a deep, restful sleep. He believes it’s important to support your body’s unique sleep cycle.

Melatonin is a much healthier choice than sleeping pills

Natural supplements, such as melatonin, work with your body’s natural sleep cycle. One of the best things about melatonin is it can help you sleep without making you feel woozy or hung over in the morning, which is a common complaint with many sleep aids.

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The right dose of melatonin helps your body move between sleep and wakefulness naturally. It replaces the melatonin your body needs to maintain the cycle nature designed for you.

And, in spite of being ignored by most doctors, melatonin has a great track record. The British medical journal Lancet summed it up best. They confirmed that providing melatonin replacement effectively improves sleep quality – especially older folks.

But how much melatonin you take is critical. Very small doses are enough to help you sleep. If you take too much, you lose some of the benefit. And if your dose is way over the mark, you won’t get any sleep benefit at all.

Melatonin at the right dose is remarkably effective at helping to restore your sleep cycle.

Introducing Dr.Sears Native Rest

At Dr.Sears clinic, he's been working with people who have sleep concerns for years. And low-dose melatonin is by far the best way to help people who can’t sleep.

He's sure you’ve seen melatonin at your local health-food store. They sell it everywhere. But like other hormones, knowing how much you should take – and how to take it – can mean the difference between good results and no results.

The difference between pills form and liquid spray

Melatonin is no different.

But there is another factor to consider: how you take it.

Taking melatonin in pill form can slow its absorption and its effectiveness. And that can interfere with the results. By the time it passes through your digestive track and is filtered by your liver, more than an hour may have passed. Even if your body absorbed 100% of the pill, you’d still have to estimate the exact time to take it before bed.

That’s why Dr.Sears believes that using a liquid spray is more effective.

Here’s what he suggests for better sleep:

1. Throw away your other sleeping aids.

2. Start taking some melatonin.

3. Take melatonin the most effective way. Orally, through a spray delivery.

He has been recommending Native Rest to his patients since he first created the original formula. Now he feels that he has perfected it.

So far the test results are just what he expected. Safe. Effective. Reliable. His patients tell him that they’re more relaxed and energetic – relieved their sleep concerns are behind them. And they love the even faster-acting, more potent ingredients.

You can get the same results. Getting started is easy. If it doesn’t work for you, just let me know, and you’ll get a complete refund. Hassle-free, no questions asked.

To get your own new and improved Native Rest experience, just click on the link below.

Get the Best Sleep of Your Life

Studies suggest sleeping pills only give you 11 minutes extra sleep at best. And, if you take them, you face the problem of addiction and side effects.

I have a natural solution that sends you quietly off to sleep in minutes. My new delivery technology lets you reset your body clock and fall asleep without effort.

Switch off your restless mind and get meaningful rest tonight. Let me show you exactly how it works...


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