You know carotenoids are important to your eyes. But do you know whether you are getting enough of it from your eyes supplement?

Not only you are not getting enough of it, but most of the formula found on the market are not genuine and lack other important nutrients as well.

To Get the Best Results, You Need to Use the Best Ingredients

There are dozens of different brands and formulations out there but most of them are disappointing.

You may not realize this, but many vision supplements on the market today use standard “off-the-shelf” formulas. These companies use whatever ingredients the manufacturer tells them to use. They don’t put any thought or research into it. All they do is slap their label on it and sell it to an unsuspecting public.

Replenish the “Fuel” Your Eyes Need to See Clearly

Did you realize you can have your driver’s license taken away? Even if you’ve never had a ticket?

Getting older means you can lose your independence.

Do you know that you can use 12 vitamins, minerals and nutrients to:

Boost visual acuity, which means your night vision stays sharper and more in focus, enough to make you feel safer behind the wheel.

Adjust to dim lighting and deal with glare.

Refresh tired eyes at the end of the day.

Improve your experience of color and contrast, especially while you’re driving, reading or watching TV.

Here how it works:

Your eyes are very delicate and need a steady stream of micronutrients called carotenoids. These natural pigments nourish and support the parts of your eye that create your experience of color, sharpness and contrast.

1) Billberry:

- One of these carotenoids is found in the bilberry fruit. You may have heard that fighter pilots ate these berries to help their night vision when flying combat missions during WWII.

Today we know there’s real evidence to back this up.

In a study by the American Journal of Public Health, almost everyone experienced significant improvements in their eyesight just from taking an extract of this simple berry.

Not only does bilberry help your night vision, it increases healthy circulation in your eye’s tiny capillaries and gives you optimum support for your retina and surrounding eye tissues.

When you combine bilberry with other vision-supporting nutrients, you get more than just help with your driving. You get the kind of vision support that helps you with your daily routines.

Your eyes are the key to your independence. If you can’t get through your daily routine on your own, you have to rely on others to help you. That’s why it’s essential your eyes get the nutritional support they need to do their job well.

But you need to beware about some vision formulas.

Here is where Dr.Sears formula comes in.

Introducing Dr.Sears own vision formula

Your eyesight is not something you want to play around with. You want to give yourself the right amounts of the right ingredients from the most potent, most bio-available sources.

Consider the bilberry. To get the best night vision and recovery time from glare, you need to use an extract that has a high percentage of something called anthocyanosides. This is where bilberry’s power comes from. Dr.Sears uses a 25 percent extraction, the highest you can get.

Other companies will tell you their product has bilberry, but then give you a weak mixture that may not do anything for your eyesight.

And they get away with it because you have no way of finding out!

2) Lutein and Zeaxanthin:

- Another trick is giving you tiny amounts of the two critical nutrients lutein and zeaxanthin. You may have heard of these powerful vision-supporting nutrients. Like the active ingredients in bilberry, these two are also carotenoids.

Of all the carotenoids in your diet, your macula, which is in the center of your retina and responsible for seeing sharp, clear lines, collects only these two. Their concentration in your retina is so high, your eyes can’t function without them.

These pigments act like “sunglasses” that help your eyes filter light properly and support your central sight from harmful light rays and the attack of free radicals.

You need to supplement with at least 12 mg of lutein to maintain clear vision. But the more you get, the better the support. Studies shows that 20 mg of lutein is the optimum level.

Zeaxanthin is just as important. While lutein is found around the outer edges of your macula, zeaxanthin is found at the center. Together, they give you more balanced, more complete support.

A now-famous Harvard study found a direct correlation between the amount of zeaxanthin in your macula and your vision. Published in the medical journal Investigative Ophthalmology and Visual Science, the researchers discovered the more zeaxanthin you have, the more visual support you get.

There are numerous studies showing how these micronutrients support your eyesight.

One by Dr. Steven Pratt, MD, published in the Journal of the American Optometric Association found that taking specific dietary nutrients – specifically lutein and zeaxanthin – helped support your vision as you age.

This is all great news.

But lutein and zeaxanthin won’t help you if you don’t take enough of them. This is another example of the average formula falling far short of what you need.

This formula gives you a full 1 mg of zeaxanthin. That may not sound like much, but zeaxanthin is very concentrated. Most other formulas only give you a few hundred micrograms!

Remember, a microgram is just 1/1,000th of a milligram!

Don’t Get Short Changed: Use these 12 Effective Nutrients to See Sharper Lines and Brighter Colors

Go to your local drug store or health food store and look at the labels of other eye formulas. You’ll see that many have low levels of key ingredients.

And the problem doesn’t stop with bilberry, lutein and zeaxanthin. Many of the other eye supplements either ignore or don’t know about the latest research on eye health.

Here’s a partial listing of what the other guys are missing.

You’ll find each and every one in this formula:

Vitamin A to support your retina and night vision.

Zinc and copper to help you focus and read fine print.

Eye Bright to support healthy blood vessels in your eyes and eyelids.

Vitamin C to fight free radicals and oxidative stress in your eyes.

Lycopene, another powerful antioxidant and free radical fighter.

L-taurine to strengthen the cells of your retina and protect your lenses from drying out.

Ginkgo biloba and Vinpocetine to boost healthy blood circulation to your eyes and promote a normal inflammation response.

Stay Independent and Focused on the Road Ahead...

Most people never find out they have the choice to support clear, sharp vision.

And that’s tragic.

But you can take this one simple step to help support your eyesight and your independent lifestyle. It’s as easy as making NutraVision a part of your daily routine.

And most of them get great results.


Here’s what a consumer Ruth K. said:

“I got results from this eye formula… Within a week I started seeing things with more clarity. Colors got brighter and I could definitely tell the images were sharper than before. It felt like my eyes got younger…”

Do it now and lock in sharp, clear eyesight. Click below to get started.

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