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Hears what Dr.Sears has to say about his joint pain relief formula

The pain was excruciating.

My ankle was swollen, red and puffy. Just touching it felt like getting skewered with a red-hot poker.

All this pain just because of one game of tennis gone wrong.

The pain was so intense, I had a hard time just getting my shoes on. And once I did, I was limping around my clinic the whole day.

First I tried all the over-the-counter options. Tylenol... Advil... Aleve. None of them worked.

The only thing that really helped was aspirin. But after a while, I had an upset stomach – a typical side effect of aspirin.

Then I started thinking... what about willow bark?

Way back in the 5th century, Hippocrates – the Father of Medicine – discovered white willow bark contains a natural extract called salicin. It’s also known as the natural form of aspirin.

In fact, when Bayer came up with their aspirin formula in 1897, they simply made a chemical copy of salicin.

So I decided to give it a try.

And within 48 hours the swelling went down. I could walk normally again. And within the next few days I was back on the tennis courts.

Today, I’m completely back to normal. And I didn’t suffer any of the side effects of modern painkillers.

In fact, the results were so amazing, I wanted to bring the same relief to my patients. So I got my team together and we started doing more research on white willow. And what we found was impressive...

White Willow Works Wonders

I’m not the only one who can attest to the power of white willow.

• In a study conducted by the American Journal of Medicine, 40% of those who took white willow for back pain said their pain was completely gone.

• In another clinical test conducted by Phytomedicine, people suffering from acute lower back pain were given salicin (the active ingredient in white willow). Many began to see improvement in just 4 weeks.

• And for a study by Phytotherapy Research, people suffering from osteoarthritis were divided into two groups: One group took white willow; the other got a placebo. Using the WOMAC Osteoarthritis Index for measuring pain, the white willow group reported a 14% reduction in their pain scores. For the group taking a placebo, their pain scores actually went up.

Effectiveness of White Willow for Relieving Pain

When I read these reports, I wanted to offer you white willow right away.

But first, I wanted to combine white willow with other natural, healing remedies to make an even more powerful, effective and fast-acting formula.

So I added three more of the most effective natural pain relievers known to medical science. And the results were more than what I could have hoped for.

A Winning Combination

In addition to white willow, my formula includes some of the most powerful pain relievers known to man including the Chinese ginger root and sulfur used by the ancient Greeks.

After using it myself, I tried it with my patients – and it works.

Here’s how:

1) MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane):

- Since prehistoric times man has known about – and sought – sulfur springs and baths to treat wounds, injuries and ailments of every sort. MSM is an organic kind of sulfur. Think of it as a “sulfur spring in supplement form.” In the old days, you used to get a natural supply of it in your drinking water. But today, it gets filtered out by your local city or your bottled water supplier.

MSM provides a biologically active sulfur that you need to function. You can find it in all untreated meats, fruits and vegetables growing in their native soils. But you’re not getting enough from your modern diet – or your water – to help your ailing body.

Like the sulfur springs that soothed the aching, injured joints of Trojan warriors, MSM promotes a healthy immune response. It does this by improving “cell flow-through.” MSM prevents pressure buildup in your cells by letting the bad stuff flow out and the nutrients flow in.

Many doctors don’t realize this, but pressure and toxin build up in your cells is a prime cause of inflammation. Release this pressure and inflammation and pain goes away.

Taking Tylenol or Aleve simply treats the “symptom” by blocking the perception of pain. MSM goes to the root of the problem by eliminating the cause of your pain.

A study published in Osteoarthritis Cartilage found that:

MSM “produced significant decreases in pain and physical function impairment for patients with osteoarthritis...”

Other research shows MSM:

Promotes a healthy immune response

Boosts blood supply to painful areas

Relieves muscle spasms

Softens scar tissue

2) Glucosamine Sulfate:

- I’m sure you’ve heard of glucosamine. But there are different kinds, and the quality varies greatly. (Be careful of quality if you buy glucosamine.)

Bioactive glucosamine sulfate, NOT chemical glucosamine HCL works wonders for your joints. It promotes healthy connective tissue and cartilage. Without it your cartilage and connective tissue decline in thickness until eventually, you could have bone grinding on bone – and that’s every bit as painful as it sounds.

In 2001, the prestigious British medical journal Lancet confirmed this action and the long-term effectiveness of glucosamine sulfate. They found that glucosamine sulfate stopped loss of cartilage in patients with osteoarthritis in their knees for 3 years.

I read another study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine where a remarkable 77% reported a dramatic reduction of pain. And 69% said the “physical function” of their joints improved, giving them greater freedom and mobility. I’ve never seen, or used, a drug with that high a percentage improvement in joint function.

3) Ginger Root:

- When I was a boy, my grandmother used to give me ginger tea when I sprained a joint or got a “Charlie horse” from playing outside. She called it an “old time cure.” In fact, ginger root may be the oldest herbal pain relief known. It’s been used for thousands of years in ancient China and India – and later by medieval Europeans. Ginger root works with remarkable speed.

You feel the relief right away. It works by blocking “prostaglandins” – those pesky molecules that add pressure to your cells.

At the University of Miami, researchers gave guys with knee arthritis ginger root or a placebo and measured knee pain when they stood up from a sitting position. For those taking ginger root, 68% said they felt a dramatic decrease in pain after standing up.

The Department of Environmental Medicine in Denmark gave ginger root to arthritis and muscle pain victims. In the arthritis group 75% experienced pain relief with no side effects. In the muscle pain group, an amazing 100% of the people reported pain relief.

In all my years of medicine, I’ve never seen a single drug study that recorded 100% results like this – even the ones paid for by the people trying to sell the drug.

That’s why I made Primal Flex. Primal Flex takes these powerful ingredients and combines them into an effective formula that goes to work right away, giving you the relief you need when you need it most.

Since my patients have started using it, I’ve heard a lot of good news.

Here’s just one of many success stories:

“I was so fed up with joint pain formulas, I almost got angry when Dr. Sears gave me Primal Flex... But my frustration quickly turned around. My back pain, which had bothered me for years, went down by about 90% (on my own personal pay scale)! And my knees aren’t stiff anymore... I was in shock. When I went to my next office visit, I threw my arms around Dr. Sears and gave him a big hug."

– Beverly W., Jupiter, FL

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