Hear what Dr.Sears has to say say about his nitric-oxide booster formula

A few years back, a team of three men discovered the secret to male potency. They were awarded the Nobel Prize for medicine … and if you’re an American male over the age of 40, I wouldn’t blame you if you wanted to nominate them for sainthood, too.

Let me explain …

If you’re a man in America, make no mistake – there’s a 50 percent chance you’ll have normal erections after you turn 40. I’m not saying you can offset the Western diet of processed foods. But there are things you can do so your arteries can keep their youthful elasticity. And they’ll stay free and clear, putting your blood in the fast lane.

That’s good news if you’re a man. Your penis needs to be fully engorged with blood for you to maintain an erection. And that will happen if your arteries are flexible, clear, have normal amounts of plaque, and are wide open and filled with blood.

In fact, did you know that the same factors that can promote normal heart function are also major contributors to full, healthy erections? And remember, there's a 50-50 chance normal erections will happen for you.

But you can change the odds. You might be surprised how easy it is for your veins to stay open and flowing as usual. It’s all because of a revolutionary discovery that won those three men the Nobel Prize for Medicine and Physiology.

I’m talking about nitric oxide.

This isn’t the stuff at the dentist’s office that makes you laugh. That’s nitrous oxide. This is nitric oxide (NO), the compound produced naturally by cells in the walls of your blood vessels that allows them to “breathe easy” and let your blood flow freely.

Nitric oxide helps keep your blood vessels strong and flexible, which allows your penis to become engorged during sexual activity.

But what’s important here is that it’s also the key compound in the chain reaction that causes vasodilation, or widening of the inside of your blood vessels.

And as great a country as America is, this is one area where I’m sorry to say that being an American man isn’t doing you any favors. The government and nutritionists are so busy telling you not to eat meat, and corporations are so busy making money from selling you cheap grains and sugary snacks, it’s no wonder our sexual performance isn’t what it could be.

You see, your blood vessels are made up of several layers that together have to stay strong and flexible to handle proper blood flow. The inside layer is called the endothelium, and it’s these cells that make nitric oxide. They usually do the job just fine …

… except that for 50 years we’ve been eating saturated, hydrogenated and trans-fats in the processed foods from the supermarket. Add in the fact that most of us don’t have as much physical activity as we would like, and you have a recipe for some unwanted metabolic changes in your body.

Those changes can lead your vascular network to not be flexible, and nitric oxide production falls off. As you get a little older, your blood doesn’t flow quite as freely and powerfully as it used to.

It happens gradually, and many don’t even realize the effect in most areas of their lives. But you will notice it in your performance in the bedroom.

By now you know I always opt for the old-fashioned approach of finding out what’s normal, and then helping you maintain it naturally.

Test after test, the results are on a level I’ve never seen before.

I really think this could help you.

One study said, “intercourse frequency doubled." That’s a fancy way of saying the guys had twice as much sex.

In another study, by taking it for just two months, men’s sexual ability increased up to 80%. After the third month, 92.5% of the men maintained normal erections.

I like those numbers.

This is by far the best way to maintain good blood flow. And good blood flow means good sex.

In fact, if you don’t maintain good blood flow, you won’t have sex at all.

This discovery combines two nutrients that work together to help you keep the best blood flow possible.

They do it by providing all the raw ingredients your body needs to keep your blood vessels open and flowing strong.

What ingredients do you need to maintain a good blood flow?

• L-Arginine:

One of these nutrients is arginine. Arginine is an amino acid and a “building block.” Your body uses it to make something called “nitric oxide” or NO.

The doctors who discovered how nitric oxide works were jointly awarded the 1998 Nobel Prize in Medicine. They found arginine is your body’s chief source for creating NO.

Here how it works...

When you get aroused, NO is released by the lining of your blood vessels. It’s one of your body’s “sex signals” that tells your blood vessels to relax and expand.

When relaxed blood vessels fill up with blood, you’re in business.

But regular arginine on its own won’t be very effective. You need to enhance the effect.

• Pycnogenol:

The other nutrient gives arginine a big boost. It’s called pycnogenol.

The two together are causing a sensation. It’s no wonder the men in the study were having twice as much sex.

Pycnogenol “recycles” arginine, which means it keeps it active and flowing in your blood, so you can maintain maximum blood flow for as long as possible.

The effect of pcynogenol is critical. “Ordinary” arginine lasts for maybe an hour after you take it. Then it disappears from your system.

Pycnogenol is a great way to improve the effect of arginine.

But there’s another one,

• It’s called citrulline:

Citrulline turns into arginine in your body and it’s better absorbed.

When researchers from East Carolina University gave men citrulline for four weeks, the men had a “significant” increase in their blood levels of arginine. The average level of arginine increased by 65%.

I’ve used citrulline with my patients and can vouch for those results. It really does work.

What’s new is combining the three.

Put arginine, pycnogenol, and citrulline together and you’ve got fireworks.

For the first time in my practice, I’ve combined these three in a single NO booster I call Primal Max.

I recommend you try it for yourself. There’s no better way than to have the experience firsthand.

I’ll make it easy, too.

Try Primal Max and see what happens. If you’re not having sex twice as often, with stiff, normal erections, just call my customer service team for a complete refund, no questions asked. There’s nothing to lose. You have my complete guarantee with no time limits or strings attached.

I don’t mind doing it this way. As a regular reader, you should have all the benefit and none of the risk.

Give your manhood a leg up. Get your Primal Max right HERE ...

Now that you’ve got your arteries breathing and your blood flowing normally, we should talk about arousal. After all, just because you can get an erection doesn’t mean you will.

For men, feelings of well-being and arousal are tied to testosterone levels. If you don’t have enough of this hormone, you won’t feel like a man, in the bedroom or anywhere else for that matter.

The approach I take is to naturally free up the bound testosterone in your body. I do this with two herbs. One is fenugreek, and the other is nettle. They are widely used in Europe and work together to prevent testosterone from binding to SHBG (sex hormone binding globulin). Early research suggests that these herbs may help increase your free testosterone by up to 30 percent.

Now that your body can actually use the testosterone you have, and you start to feel like a man again, I use two herbs to boost that arousal.

The first is tribulus terrestris. It’s been used in China and India for thousands of years, and preliminary evidence suggests it may improve sexual desire and enhance erections.4

The second is muira puama. During my recent trip to Brazil I spoke to traditional healers about its legendary powers. It’s been used to help men for hundreds – if not thousands – of years.

The UCLA School of Medicine has investigated this potent herb and the British Herbal pharmacopoeia lists it for male sexual health. One published journal study found muira puama helped over 50 percent of men in the study get erections.5

Now, there’s one other thing you need to know. It’s a modern plague on the male sex drive that no one talks about, but it’s more than likely to be affecting you right now.

It’s stress.

And if you’re a man in America, you know exactly what I’m talking about. You have so many demands put on you. You work so hard to make enough money ... to be the best father, the best son, the best husband …

You want to stay on top of everything, have the energy to work out, stay lean and fit and be able to perform sexually. These desires are so fundamental, so essential to being a man that they put a huge amount of stress on you. They can cause anxiety and performance issues…

A nutrient I’ve been using for years in my practice is called epimedium grandiflorum. You may know it as “horny goat weed.” It has a funny name, but it’s no joke. Preliminary studies offer evidence that epimedium may support cortisol levels already in the normal range.6

This helps you maintain a healthy level of stress, and helps keep your metabolism, energy and most importantly, libido, all normal.

There is also preliminary evidence epimedium blocks a man’s worst enemy: PDE5. This enzyme – which is more and more common as you age – reduces your body’s ability to make nitric oxide.

As you already know, nitric oxide is critical for erections. PDE5 is the bad guy that blocks it. In fact, PDE5 is one of the main reasons older guys are not as hard.

It’s no coincidence that an herb that energizes your blood flow also enhances your libido.

That’s because to feel even the slightest hint of arousal requires a rush of blood throughout the body. Without it, sex is impossible.

Conventional wisdom and most doctors may tell you that erections are a gift of youth. That as you get older you should accept some lessening of performance in the bedroom.

But it’s not true … When you recharge your body and give it the right building blocks, anything is possible.

I’ve helped thousands of patients with this simple strategy of healthy blood flow, enhanced arousal and the rock-solid confidence you get with testosterone. It’s been so successful in my practice that I decided to create a formula that lets you sidestep all the ways modern life brings you down sexually.

I developed it to include all the nutrients and herbs I just described so you can enhance your sexual performance … but I didn’t stop there.

I’ve also added three other little-known nutrients. Each helps in different ways …

The first is beet juice extract. This simple root protects your endothelial cells and enhances nitric oxide production at the same time.

The second is black walnut hulls. I wouldn’t blame you for wondering how they have anything to do with your sex life, but they can supercharge your libido.

Let me explain …

If you’re a man, your testes produce most of your male sexual hormones called androgens. But once you get near middle age, production drops off. Fortunately, your adrenal gland also produces some androgens, and it picks up the slack.

But your adrenal gland can get a little worn out if you put too much stress on it. I call this adrenal fatigue. Black walnut hulls relieve adrenal fatigue because they are an adaptogen – an herb that helps increase your body’s ability to relieve stress. And when you’re less stressed, you can maintain normal sexual function and desire.

The third nutrient is an amino acid called GABA (aminobutyric acid). It’s a neurotransmitter that helps your brain and nervous system regulate your excitement levels.

It works this way … when you have a firm erection, you become confident and your mind relaxes. You don't have to use other muscles or contract your prostate to help out. Your nervous system can then relax, too, which helps your erection become even fuller. This reduces sensitivity and lets you keep your erection even longer.

With good blood flow, normal sexual function, and the confidence of testosterone – and protection for your cells, glands and sex hormones, you can keep your power as a man.

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